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LED Lighting

We supply various shapes, sizes, wattage and colors of LED Lighting


LED Products

  1. LED Globes –We supply various shapes, sizes, wattages and colors of LED globes. Please feel free to contact us with your need.
  2. Strip lights 12 Vdc & 110/220 VAC – All our standard strip lights are water proof, we supply 12 VDC , 220 VAC and 110 VAC strip lights, The 110 & 220 VAC strip lights comes in rolls of 100m but can be cut per meter. The 12 Vdc strip lights comes in rolls of 5m. We supply all the connectors and power supplies for the strip lights. Our most popular colors are: Warm White, Pure White, Red, Green, Blue, Amber/Orange, Yellow and RGB. Any color can be manufactured according to your need. The 220 VAC grow lights works great for indoor cultivation of vegetables.
  3. Tubes – With our LED tubes you can save 50% on your electricity not to mention your K.V.A. charge. The lights are also available in various colour, the most popular colors are Warm and Pure White. The pure White is similar to the traditional fluorescent tubes were the warm White gives you a more natural feel like the traditional incanscent globes.
  4. Flood lights – Carima products was one of the first companies in South Africa to import LED flood lights as well as assemble them locally. This gave us the advantage of having tested various components longer than other supplier. Our flood lights are a real investment if you look at the life span of the lights.
  5. Panel lights – The panel lights were developed to change standard cluster fluorescent tube fittings. The light output is the same as the traditional fluorescent tubes at half the power consumption. Various colors as well as dimmable lights are available.
  6. Traffic lights – We supply only the best quality locally manufactured LED traffic lights. These units comes in various configuration and we can design a custom system for your needs. We can design a system that works from normal 220VAC or 110 VAC on the mines or we can design a solar powered intersection. Our traffic accommodation units are great to keep the workers out of harms way.

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