2 x 120 Watt LED flood lights on a 4m collapsible stand per day

4m and 2.5m stand
SKU: 2x120cwStand
Price: R100.00

2 x 120 Watt Flood light on 4m stand.

2 120 Watt LED flood lights mounted on a 4 meter high collapsible tripod.

The tripods has a base of 1.5m wide to ensure sturdiness while being used next to fast moving vehicle like next to a free way. The stands are light and very easy to deploy. The lights can be rotated 360deg individually. The power cord is 3m long and comes with a 3 point plug.

The 120 Watt flood lights will be able to illuminate up to 60 meters.


The complete stand and light can be hired at R100.00 per day. Please contact us for long term leasing contracts.